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The Story Of Nelson

I couldn’t focus on what was going on behind me, the muffled noises from chit chatter, to general noise preparing for a summer birthday party with a hundred people in attendance. AIl I wanted to do is listen to the band and enjoy the company, I look around me, seeing smiling faces and clapping hands made my heart sing with happiness. We have little time to enjoy activity as we cater to a larger crowd, it is hard to compete with budgets from the government. We do our best, with what we have. Like I said, giving less than 100% isn’t me, leaving open to burnout and exhaustion quicker than the average individual. 

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Amongst the crowd, my eyes shuffled around enjoying the company, engaged in activity so why not go sit amongst the crowd and enjoy the music. Off to the left of me, I see Nelson A solo man in the front row with his hands to his face as I stopped watching tears fall from his face. The band had shifted its tune to “ Have  I told you lately that I love you. “ And as the song started to play he started to cry, I went sad. Looking around me trying to figure out what was wrong? How can I allow him to sit there in distress? he was emotional, clearly music has a way of impacting his life. Time to do what Mitzi does, making my way to the front of the room, I bent down and asked him if he wanted to dance. Yes he said, I grabbed both hands and brought him to his feet wrapping his arms around my waist we embraced a handshake to dance closely to the song. I watched him smile as if, it was the best thing anyone could’ve done for him right at that exact moment. Being able to witness a moment of sadness,  turning it into something remarkable, not only for him and what he will remember but for me going little bit further to make a difference was so worth it. Not a hey, look at us, person. My face was flushed, yet glowing with leadership.


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He made it through the song, dancing with little exhaustion. Sitting him down he looked up and gently thanked me turning around smiling as he waved to the audience behind him. All eyes were on the dancers in the front of the room, taking a moment in which I knew this song would tell a story down the road. Those are the moments that make you realize why you do what you do, and why God put you on this earth.

I went on my way, As if nothing has happened. A lady next to me asked me if that was my father? No, but he’s a very good friend, and I believe this song means a lot to him. I know how music has impacted my life, and there are songs that I know when I’m old and frail but bring a tear to my eye as I drop my head.

It was later that week, walking down the hall I can hear laughter in room 1125, it was Nelson and his wife, I knocked on the door and introduce myself. “Hi my name is Mitzi, I work in here in the recreation therapy department full-time. May I ask you a question?” “Sure” she said with an inquisitive voice. I’d like to tell you what happened at the birthday party last week, as Nelson was new here, and I had just come back from a foot injury, it is my job and my duty to make sure the little things happen with your love ones are in my care. The front row of the birthday party,And a song came on which I believe you may understand the trigger. He couldn’t stop crying and we ended up dancing, he went from tears to smile’s in seconds. I witness something amazing. Do you happen to know the song Can’t Stop Falling in Love? I started to sing it, and as Nelson looked at me he started to cry. Her eyes filled up with tears, and as she told me “I have sung that song to him since we’ve been together” I was stunned, yet elated to know my instincts were right. Fulfilled a need so deep for others and so beyond that it even had anything to do with me. Such a powerful experience, of true love and the power of music.


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  1. Absolutely Beautiful story what a special time. You are such a loving and caring person. God bless you’ve been through so much yet still have a warm and generous heart. I’m glad to call you my friend. (If that’s okay with you) Have a great night Cheryl


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