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The Story Of L. ( I didn’t get a chance to ask her name)

2007 brought a series of challenges, One which brought me to L. And her gift of a heart pendant that would again give hope to a sad soul trying to get through life, one day at a time. Kaitlyn had just been born, having trouble yet again producing any milk to breastfeed my daughter. Hormones again off the wall, didn’t provide any comfort to her jaudice, having to go back to the hospital. Having my breasts, poked, proaded and squeezed just to try and have milk was exhausting. The boob terrorists,  lactation  consultants who were rude enough to say you’re not truely a mother if you don’t breast-feed your baby. Feeling extremely uncomfortable sitting in some strangers  living room, taping a tube to my boob to entice milk flow, was enough to throw in the towel. It wasn’t in the cards to breast-feed any of my children, and I wasn’t a bad person because I didn’t have milk. Even taking pills to help reduce didn’t help.  Nothing again came easy, putting back on the weight of been pregnant. Being on maternity leave wasn’t providing me with very much income somewhere around $1000 a month, with two children under the age of two years old, things are starting to cost a lot of money, especially diapers. There was a Goodlife Fitness in the northend of the city limits. Living in Ennismore at the time, it was the closest gym that had a child minding room.

Walking into the gym I was nervous, carrying  Kaitlyn in the baby car carrier (she wasn’t light either) she was a chunky baby. Connor in hand, we joined the gym. Two years of packing and unpacking children during the day and working evening shift as a PSW in the evenings. I cant remember the time where having  to work two jobs just to keep afloat would be enjoyable, it was in a liberating way. Exercise awakened something within me, that needed to be explored. Having a goal to lose 30 pounds.. being at 190 pounds at the time, eating anything and everything for emotional comfort. In over a year I lost it, feeling on top of the world,taking this lady back to a healthy weight. Psst… notice the pendant.

It filled our free time, as my husband currently working the night shift to have time with the kids more, he was able to sleep during the day. It wasn’t months until an opportunity came up, and the childminding rumour they were looking for help. It would bring me some extra money, a free gym membership and an opportunity to watch my kids interact with other kids regularly. It’s been a perfect match, we got into a lovely routine. It was a tiny room in the basement, very little but it worked. As we snapped photos, it was a busybody time. we enjoyed every fun second together, as I lost weight, made some extra money while I was on maternity leave and was able to watch my kids and play was a wonderful chapter in my life. There were times we needed to be moved to the racquetball courts as there was flooding, especially in the spring. Two years of floods was frustrating as kids ran around screaming in the racquetball court that echoed all day.  There would be times the children and I would have to cross into the bathroom and the members got to watch the shenanigans take place. Embracing the role I laughed and love those children as if they were my own, when the girl life fitness was closing due to its old building the golds gym up the road was the next best thing. But before I was leaving a woman handed me a small envelope I can still remember she was taller than me so maybe 5 foot 7 in her early 60s. “What is this” Puzzle yet elated with surprise. I said to her. She said “it’s a little gift from me to you.” A token” I have watched you float through the gym smiling and taking care of these children no matter what circumstance in the rain, shine or storm you were here working. I want to let you know if no one told you it didn’t go unnoticed” 

That’s the first time someone had done that for me, I never got a chance to ask her her her name. I know her as L. Receiving a one-year appreciation portfolio, from GLF was a cool thing. Never did I get a service award. Neat! Gone are the telemarking days and serving coffee at Tim Hortons. I was persevering through doors of uncertainty.

As I stood there stunned I put it in my pocket, walking back to the dressing room to change my shoes and to boot. Getting home, taking off my boots I went upstairs and got the kids settled before I open the envelope. Not wanting to open it in front of her. For some reason I felt weird doing it,Here was a stranger giving me a gift from her heart. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I opened the envelope. Tears rolled down my face, as the memories of good life fitness ended. Where we celebrated our sons 4th birthday party with a fun afternoon of pizza and cake for all the other kids to enjoy. It was the last chance to enjoy the final countdown of closing.

There was a new exciting door to be opened around the corner. Painted in gold and black a most inspiring employee would emerge. As always seemed every chapter of my life comes and goes before they even has a chance to leave the gate, I am brace the next day as if a new chapter awaits. Often finding myself in deep thought, as the journey is taking me to so many avenues.r over the horizon, and as I was excited to embrace it. 

As always every chapter of my life comes and goes before even having a chance to leave the gate, Embracing the next day as if a new chapter awaits. Maybe this is what I’ve been after all along?. Often finding myself in deep thought, as the journey is taking me to so many avenues. Will it take me where I am needed the most? I smile deep in thought.

To me a heart is a big symbolization of love coming to help others, it’s endless, and without it there is no life. L. will forever be with me as a reminder to always put Love first.

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