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Cannabis Review

White Castle


Not much is known about the California-bred Sativa. White Castle, this strain nevertheless carved a name for itself among West Coast genetics. Its initial appeal lies in its candied aroma, although there’s also something to be said about its high-flying euphoria and colorful buds. Coated with a sticky blanket of sugar-like resin, White Castle is a treat for all medical conditions such as depression, stress and inflammation.

My personal favourite daytime smoke. The delightful smell and taste is something that must be experienced either in honey, maple syrup, vaped or smoked. When I crack the jar to grind a gram I get excited. This is an extremely wakeful and focused strain, very mentally stimulating and great for creativity, Combined with the lack of crash after your high wears off, and this is a perfect choice for the daytime or any time you want to get stuff done. Not sleepy or unfocused at all… in fact it rivals Jack strains for focus and enjoyment. If you want to be uplifted, happy and socialable.




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