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church and rainbows

So many people want to know what my secrets are, all my life I’ve inspire people to always try and go above and beyond the norm of the status quo of humanity. From weight loss in my Inside Fitness magazine days and years of intense diet and training ending in […]

Church and Bad People

Dear diary, I figure I would update you, it’s been over a week since I’ve been at the doctor at my foot is locked in a position where the bones are rubbing and things are going on in my foot that shouldn’t be. I’m in pain and I can’t describe […]

Chapter 31- Room With A View

Still remember how I felt the morning I woke up September 21, 1998 just tired as if I felt I haven’t slept for a week. currently living with my boyfriend whose parents were strict Catholic. Us living together was against the church, my husband wanted to honour their wishes but […]

Foster Love

I still the remember the smell of the potpourri burning in the room where I was taken to in a home 5 blocks from my other temporary home. It was hot pink in colour and smell almost like cheap roses but it was the gesture that made me feel at […]

Chapter 30: Almost Homeless

The apartments empty, walking around, the posters, furniture and cupboards are empty. Frozen struggling to picture my life, where it’s going to go on my own. I’m all alone here, the place is quiet. Thinking to myself,  I need to find a job. Where? I’m hungry, the sounds of my […]

  It’s September 11, the day after Connor’s 13th birthday. It was a great day it was amazing to see smiles on his face. The weather has changed and it’s cold in the rain against the window lets me know sweater weather has arrived. Another thing that’s trying to arrive […]

Chapter 29: Tragedy On the 115

I woke up and I can hear the shower going, there’s a weird smell in the apartment. I’m thousands of miles away in Peterborough Ontario, arriving here yesterday afternoon. Staying at Stenson Boulevard very short term as a hometown girlfriends, long distance  boyfriend at the time was going to lend […]

Chapter 28: Directions

Sitting on my front step awaiting a ride with the two boxes filled with my belongings of 18 years,  moving again be and the norm. Now in the trailer court across the end of town was different. Cheryl my new landlord,  tried to mentor me, set me on a good […]