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  It’s September 11, the day after Connor’s 13th birthday. It was a great day it was amazing to see smiles on his face. The weather has changed and it’s cold in the rain against the window lets me know sweater weather has arrived. Another thing that’s trying to arrive […]

Chapter 29: Tragedy On the 115

I woke up and I can hear the shower going, there’s a weird smell in the apartment. I’m thousands of miles away in Peterborough Ontario, arriving here yesterday afternoon. Staying at Stenson Boulevard very short term as a hometown girlfriends, long distance  boyfriend at the time was going to lend […]

Chapter 28: Directions

Sitting on my front step awaiting a ride with the two boxes filled with my belongings of 18 years,  moving again be and the norm. Now in the trailer court across the end of town was different. Cheryl my new landlord,  tried to mentor me, set me on a good […]

Just a Girl and Her Rabbit,

I can still remember the first smell of her angora fur, White as snow and soft as satin. She was a stunning rabbit, her albino rarity and pink eyes were a show stopper. I thought it will be the best 15 years ever, I didn’t think she would be taken […]

Chapter 27: Fire

Waking up to a cup of ambition, a little pep in the step I realized there is more to life than to go nowhere town, where as it felt nobody want to be. Getting out of a one-way town was imperative to growth and positive change, from one day to […]

Maple Vanilla Infused Magical Butter

Infused butter, possibly one of the most popular methods of infusing your cannabis into a medium for baking. Butter must be one of the top three items used in the kitchen, it’s perfect for cookies, cakes and candy. After I realized edibles was perfect for me, the magical butter machine […]

My Heart Says Go

I can’t get the church out of my head, I’m dreaming about it in my sleep I feel as if everything is happening for a reason. And there are signs everywhere that I shouldn’t ignore. I feel a positive shift in my career life As I believe I was born […]

Dear Diary, It’s a Monday morning, and for the first time I didn’t have to rush I  out to go to work. I’m fine but I’m taking care of a little boy under the weather, from his weekend trip to the Halliburton Highlands for youth group. Recently I’ve been tossing […]

Chapter 26th: Diana

Walking around the streets of Toronto in the middle of the night, had the adrenaline flowing through my body as the heartbeat increased the further I got away from the hostel. This was new to me, alone in a major city. I have a bunkbed, but it was in the […]